Trees naturally provide us with visual as well as health benefits proven to be vital for our wellbeing, which is why in many circumstances they are protected by law.  It is this amenity value that Local Authorities are duty bound to protect, and why there are often strict bureaucratic measures involved with protected trees.

Many trees are not protected by law and you can carry out work to these without formal consent from a Local Authority.  However, where trees are protected by a Tree Preservation Order, or within a Conservation Area, formal consent is required for works to them above and below the ground. These are well known legal limitations, but it is also important to consider restrictions that can apply to large tree populations where felling licences are required from the Forestry Commission.

Although trees can arguably provide many benefits, they can also cause significant anxiety and nuisance for those people living with them in close proximity.  It is these situations that often cause difficulties and conflicts between Local Authorities, tree owners or the general public.

Having worked on both sides of the fence as a Tree Officer and private sector Tree Consultant, Mark has a proven background in these matters, with a good understanding of the procedures and a balanced approach to help you to cut through the red tape quickly.

If you are struggling to get consent to do the work you want with your trees, we are well placed to put a strong case forward for you.  For some initial guidance on the likelihood of success with your situation, please get in touch with us on 07544 375950, or email