Sometimes trees break or fall, which can cause significant harm or damage, and every now and again life changing circumstances to those affected!

Personal and public safety is of course paramount, and if you are a tree owner or responsible for managing trees, you have a general duty of care to take reasonable steps to ensure they do not pose an unacceptable risk to people or property.  This means that a competent person should be regularly checking your trees to identify whether they could cause harm or damage if they failed.

As an accomplished climbing Arborist and Registered Consultant with over 30 years of practical experience assessing trees, Mark is well placed to provide this service and take on your burden of responsibility as an advising expert.  He has also passed the industry‚Äôs standard LANTRA Professional Tree Inspection course, which makes him accredited to check trees and advise on their management to minimise risk.

If you have concerns about the safety or management of your trees, please contact us to discuss the services we offer:

  • Individual tree risk report – usually up to three trees, this service offers a detailed visual tree assessment for each tree with any necessary work recommendations
  • Intervention tree risk survey report – used on small, medium or large tree populations, we will identify, record and prioritise necessary works to those trees that could cause harm or damage if they failed
  • Tree condition management plan – mostly used on small or medium sized sites where there is a requirement to record all trees where ongoing property management is required.  This can often be recommended works prioritised over a longer period. 

For further information or help with any of the above please call us on 01258 330100.