Woodlands define our landscape and whether ancient or young, provide homes for thousands of species of plants, animals and fungi. For people, they provide places to explore and connect with nature and a sense of well-being.  By managing woodlands sustainably, we are nurturing a habitat that is brilliant for both wildlife and people.

Woodlands often require active management to be healthy and sustainable which is vital to provide a mix of different wildlife habitats.  At Wadey Trees, we have the capability to achieve a wide range of your woodland objectives without adverse impact to trees or conservation. 

As well as undertaking woodland surveys and advising on long term management, we have a workforce at our disposal which uses traditional hand cutting methods and lightweight machinery to minimise disruption to even the smallest, sensitive woodland areas.  Working with a variety of large or small private woodland owners, woodland investment companies, local authorities and wildlife & conservation groups, no job is considered too large or small.

For further details please contact Mark on 07544 375950 or by emailing us at mark@wadeytrees.co.uk